Lara Maysa

British-Egyptian Nude & Empowerment Photographer, Filmmaker, Conscious Storyteller for Brands, & Self Love Catalyst.

My purpose is to help you step back into your authentic power and beauty in a filtered and photoshopped world.

Having gone deep in my own spiritual journey, I use creativity and art as a bridge to profound transformation and healing.

My photoshoots are a journey that carefully blend vision and creativity with embodiment and authentic expression. I like to shoot in a ceremonial way and tap into the elements of nature to create potent visuals and guided experiences.

Everyone has a story and everyone has their unique gifts, truth and medicine for the world.

Working with me is an experience where we tap into and capture your authentic truth so that you can anchor in the highest, most empowered version of yourself.



Capricorn Sun

Taurus Moon

Aquarius Rising


Life Path number 9

Gene Key 38 – Warrior of Light

My mission

My mission

♦  My mission is to help you love yourself more by using my camera lens as a bridge between art & creativity and profound healing & transformation.

♦  My mission is to help you step into your power and remember who you are.

♦  My mission is to help you see your body as a sacred temple and vehicle for awakening.

♦  My mission is to serve you with potent images that make you feel something. The photos you’ll show your kids, and your grandkids, the photos you’ll print, place on your altar and remember forever.



at University of Sussex

MASTERS IN Middle Eastern Studies

at the London School of Oriental and African Studies


History & Politics of Israel – Palestine


12-month training at BBC London

8+ YEARS Shooting professionally

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podcast guest appearances

Radical Contemporary Podcast: Creativity, Consciousness & Alchemy (January 2022)

On this episode, we talk about the creative process, self discovery, transformation, and how to harness your own life narrative and make it into something meaningful. We speak about going from the rat race in London to spiritual exploration in Bali, what the camera lens can truly reveal and unveil about a person, how to get your life back on track and how to lose yourself and then find yourself again through magic.

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girls gone spiritual

A Podcast setting out to discover, what is a healing journey in the 21st century?

A deep dive into the wild, the weird and the profound on the path to awakening and a modern mystery school for all things consciousness, mysticism and magic.

Hosted by yours truly, and my soulsister, Tori Holmes.

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