selected films

I direct character-driven documentaries and occasionally love creating artistic, conceptual short films for artists, musicians and brands with a story to tell.

As a filmmaker, I am always looking to tell purpose-driven stories with impact and heart.

Woman: United
– Chapter One, Bali

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Lara Maysa Ingram

Few things light up a woman as when she begins to see herself as the beautiful person that everyone around her sees. Woman:United aims to hold up a mirror to reflect back the woman within, showing her resilience, power, and beauty that shines brightly under all the strain. In Chapter One of Woman:United, we tell the story of the working women in Bali through creative portraits and film. Our goal is raising funds to financially ease their struggle, and empower them, along with other women and girls in the local community.

Hacker: HUNTER, ep 2

Directed by Hugo Berkeley
Produced by Max Peltz
Story Produced by Lara Maysa Ingram

One day in May 2017, computers all around the world suddenly shut down. A malware called WannaCry asks for ransom. The epidemic suddenly stops, because a young, British researcher found a killswitch, by accident.

raving in palestine

BBC Our World

Directed & Filmed by Sebastien Rabas

Original idea, Story Produced & Filmed

by Lara Maysa Ingram

A documentary following a growing subculture of Palestinian DJs, producers and musicians as they redefine Palestinian identity, freedom and resistance against both Israeli occupation and Palestinian conservative norms, through music.

Swiped: Love & Sex in the Digital Age

BBC Stories

Produced, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Lara Maysa Ingram

Additional filming by Alvaro Alvarez

The fundamental human need to find love and connect is taking a new turn in the digital age as the smartphone has now become the crucial link between our relationships. We follow the journeys of Meggy, Alvin and Will to find out whether dating apps cause more damage than good to our self-esteem, mental health and the ways we connect with others.

Whose Problem is Cultural Appropriation?

BBC Stories

Produced, Filmed & Directed by Lara Maysa Ingram

Additional filming by Cebo Luthuli & Shane Fennelly

Festival fashion has recently come under criticism for cultural appropriation. But if festivals are a space for freedom of expression, where is the line between appreciating and appropriating other cultures?

Hacker: HUNTER, ep 1

Directed by Hugo Berkeley

Produced by Max Peltz

Story Produced by Lara Maysa Ingram

True Crime goes online in this Normal Life Pictures original series for Tomorrow Unlocked. Cybercrime may be hi-tech, but it’s carried out by everyday criminals. hacker:HUNTER tells their stories, and those of the police and security experts tasked with hunting the hackers down.