Sisterhood Circle x Photoshoot

Rewiring your senses

Rewriting your stories

Unbinding your wise, wild woman



Old English wilde “in the natural state, uncultivated, untamed, undomesticated, uncontrolled,” “to run wild, to refuse to be tamed,”.



I felt so many profound shifts that day, that continue to ripple through my being and that have already redefined my path moving forward The sense of empowerment and freedom I felt as a woman, I had never felt before in that way. I felt seen and connected in sisterhood, in a much deeper and truthful way. I was able to allow ALL of myself to just BE and BE SEEN, because of the crystal clear container Lara held, and her powerful feminine energy.

I truly recommend this experience, as a gift to the wild woman that lives within us all.”


The Wild Woman resides in each of us

She is connected to all things in nature, including her own body.
The Wild Woman is the glorious, untamed part of a woman that holds unshakeable power and wisdom.

She is you.

As women, there is an undeniable part of us – whether we listen to it or not – that aches to return to the ancient secrets of nature, to connect through ritual and shared wisdom and let ourselves be free.


So how do we answer this internal calling of our untamed being?
We walk together, hand-in-hand, and we step bravely in.
We allow our souls to lead us.

We use movement as medicine,
we unfog our own mirrors by mirroring each other:
What I love in her, is also in me.

Welcome to the new paradigm of Sisterhood

Sisterhood without jealousy,
Sisterhood without competition.
Your invitation is to show up for yourself and all women.
Yell her name in a room full of opportunities and celebrate her in ceremony and ritual.
When you honor yourself and when you honor all women, you honor Mother nature and the land we reside on.

The new paradigm is rooted in the ancient wisdom of tribes where women stood by each other. Where they took care of each others’ babies, prayed together, bled together.
The new paradigm remembers ceremony.

This was in our past, and through this portal, together, we bring it into the present.

Honor and activate the wisdom of your ancestors, as we work with the elements and intention.
Creating sacred space, held by Mama Bali’s nature, we share, we embody, we rage, we dance, we create art and we embrace our inner wild.

Let’s co-create a space
where we get a taste of who we are
so we can integrate that into who we be.



Whatever you need to release
and everything you are calling in
Let’s place it in the sacred altar of sisterhood
& rise together.


During the shoot, Lara let us be as we are. She walks her talk. I love her fire and passion for the art and sisterhood she creates. I can highly recommend her to any woman who seeks artful imagery of her own, but also who feels the yearning to heal rejected inner parts and wants to reclaim them through a sacred nude and artful photoshoot experience while being held by a gracious heart and powerhouse woman.”


what’s included:

Sisterhood Circle & altar creation

Ritual, Guided Felt Space meditation & Embodiment practice

artistic nude group photoshoot

60+ group images plus up to 5 sacred shots of just you

Community building

investment: $333

Book with a sister and pay $222 each

Your facilitators


We are your expanders for sisterhood.

Both in our own unique work, we are here to elevate women and create the new paradigm where women support women.

My experience of sisterhood was challenging and I often faced jealousy, sabotage, competition and a lack of trust. I deeply desired the women friendships you see in movies like Thelma and Louise or Romy and Michelle and what I realized is I needed to heal and face my own inner wounds and insecurities around women to change my narrative and ultimately become the woman I wanted to be my friend.

When I met Tori, who, sisterhood has come with ease and abundance, I met my Thelma to my Louise and everything changed. I realized that through the culture I was taught to focus and value my intimate relationships as a top priority.

But, truth be told, it is our best friends who stand the test of time.witness the wins, losses, heart breaks and heart openers. Today, one of the things I am most proud of and hold sacred is my relationships to my sister, which is why I am sharing this experience with other women to heal their wounds around sisterhood, so they can expand, attract and find their best life with their best Thelma.

For Tori, sisterhood has been abundant, for Lara it didn’t come as easily and she experienced competition and a lack of trust. Through consciously healing her sisterhood wounds and in meeting Tori, she was able to tap into her divine feminine and realize when women come together, we are our most powerful.

I have chosen to share this work with Tori so that we can embody what a healthy femine and sister love looks and feels like. She is a leadership coach who focuses on getting leaders into their Felt Space (aka their body, intuition and sensory system) so they can be impactful and feel their best life. She will guide you into a safe place in your body so you can evoke, whatever it is that needs to be seen, felt and released through this portal.


I feel you and Tori were a great team and created the perfect container for feeling safe and good in the group. You two are fantastic role models of a great friendship and that was very beautiful to see and inspired us to feel vulnerable. You are amazing!”



How often does Inner Wild happen?

Once a month, usually either on the New Moon or Full Moon. Check below for the upcoming date.

How many women can attend Inner Wild?

Inner Wild is capped at 10 sisters per circle x photoshoot.

Can I book the entire event for me and my sisters?

Yes. If you wish to book all slots for your own celebration of sisters (minimum 6 sisters), please send me an email request and we can make it happen. However, please note that these circles are also extremely potent when you come without knowing most of the women attending.

What if I don’t feel comfortable with full nudity?

Inner Wild is a space where everyone gets fully nude, including myself! It can certainly be an edge, and some triggers may come up. If they do, know that you are in a safe space to be lovingly held and I will guide you through a process to transmute this. 


Having said that, by signing up for Inner Wild, you are consenting to having nude portraits taken in a group setting, in full artistic taste. However, you always have autonomy over your own body, and if at any point you feel uncomfortable, I encourage you to honor your ‘no’, and remove yourself from the shots.


Flowers and other props will also be provided which you can use at any time during the photoshoot to cover any parts you don’t want fully exposed.

Where does Inner Wild happen?

The location changes every month, but they always take place in private, stunning & natural locations around Bali.

Do I need to bring anything?

This will depend on the ritual & exercises we will be doing, as they will change each month. Once signed up, a whatsapp group is created where all these extra details will be shared. A few key things I’ll always ask you to bring: Towel/sarong, water bottle, offering for Mama Bali.

How much does it cost?

$333 USD per person. Book with a sister and pay $222 USD each.

How many images do we receive?

You each receive 60+ group shots + up to 5 sacred shots of just you, to put on your altar.

Ready to embrace your Inner Wild & Rise in Sisterhood?


Beyond the photoshoot…

Your body is your house and how you feel about it defines your human experience.


After every Inner Wild, I provide everyone with an an instagram story template with one of your photos and a shared video of your sisters. And together we will flood the algorithm with empowered sisterhood by sharing them at a chosen date + time.


Because we are creating a movement, to be an activation that goes far beyond the photoshoot.

I’m capturing your soul and this is an opportunity at the most important time to claim all of you, supported by your sisters, who are all walking the path with  you. Lets start a conversation and an activation into the new paradigm of sisterhood.



We’re all in this together