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9 – 23 September 2024

apply to join us

Due to the intimate nature of our journey, we are taking applications followed by 1:1 calls with everyone who is feeling Egypt’s call and has a desire to join The Alchemy of Egypt, a two-week Quest through Ancient Egypt, in ceremony, ritual & reverence. 


Lost Wisdom

Ancient Intelligence

A two-week Quest through Ancient Egypt. An immersion into the sacred sites, temples and pyramids. 

Unlock your soul’s memories, uncover mystery teachings and walk the path of the ancient ones, in reverence and gratitude. 

For 4 nights of our journey, we will sail down the River Nile, the lifeblood of Khemet.
We will have unparalleled private access to the Great Pyramids of Giza, The Temple of Isis, Karnak Temple, The Sphinx and other hidden sites not open to the public.  

We will use sound healing, ceremony and ritual to give back to and access these portals. 

A once in a lifetime experience.
An unforgettable voyage.
The future has an Ancient Heart.


key information



An invitation for you to tap into the part of you that remembers and knows

Do you feel the call?

The ancient land of Khemet (Egypt) has been calling people for decades. What I know to be true is that the teachings woven throughout Egypt and its multitude of sacred sites, temples and portals are profound and the calling becomes almost impossible to ignore once we are ready to receive them. Ancient Egypt has so much to teach us, and now at this critical moment in human history, we are finally ready for this information.

Egypt embodies life’s deepest mysteries and calls us to step forward into the Unknown, beckoning us to the ancient past where we will be still enough to remember.

As we work towards building a new paradigm, and a new Earth, we are being asked to connect back with our divinity, to remember our ancestors and take their teachings with us. To connect with Ancient Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence.

The Ancient Egyptians knew their power. They were unafraid to claim magic as their default reality, in fact, magic was woven into the very fabric of their lives: through ritual, prayer, ceremony, song and alchemy.

The call to Ancient Egypt that we find whispering to our spirit is a particular one. It is not for the lighthearted, and yet all it asks of us is to be open and truly listen.

Together we will voyage through the sacred sites of the ancient past and do just that.

“We’re obliged to acknowledge the limits of reason; and to acknowledge the necessary reality of the realms to which reason has no access.”

― John Anthony West, Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt




15 sacred spots available


3x meals per day, domestic travel, entry into all sites

  • Temple of Abydos
  • Dandara, Temple of Hathor
  • Karnak Temple
  • Valley of The Kings
  • Edfu, Temple of Horus
  • Elephantine Island
  • Kom Ombo
  • Temple of Isis
  • The Great Pyramids of Giza
  • The Sphinx
  • The Osirion Shaft (Underneath the Great Pyramid)
  • The Pyramids of Saqqara (The oldest in the world)
  • Abu Ghurab, Temple of the Sun


To the Temple of Isis, Abu Ghurab Sun Temple, Karnak Temple (and the chamber of Sekhmet) The Great Pyramid of Giza and The Sphinx.


Not open to the public


With us along every step of the journey.


Woven throughout our Quest, led by myself & carefully selected powerful facilitators and guides.

Total investment


$11,000 USD all inclusive for couples/shared room
$15,000 USD all inclusive for single room occupancy
*Payment plans available

optional add ons
  • Mini private photoshoot with me in the sacred sites of Egypt to embody your divinity & remember your experience forever $888 
  • 5-Day Integration trip in Siwa, An Oasis in the desert of west Egypt. More info coming soon.

      our journey

      It is said that the Pyramids and Temples of Khemet are Gateways to the Gods. And The Ancient Egyptians were astonishingly intentional about every detail in creating these magnificent structures. From the sheer precision of architecture to be perfectly aligned with the stars, to the intricate paintings, hieroglyphs and symbols that adorn the inner chambers.

      Scientific studies have shown the electromagnetic field around the Great Pyramids is 6x higher than in control sites. It is said that just by being inside these spaces and attuning ourselves to the energies present, is enough to activate higher states of consciousness and to access a higher quality of information to be received.

      Together we will dive into the neverending rabbit holes, reframing the mainstream narratives on Ancient Egypt, calling us to question our beliefs on where we came from and the beginnings of civilisation. Come with an open mind and be ready to expand your doors of perception.

      With gratitude, reverence, and respect, we will sit in circle, prayer and meditation to immerse ourselves in the energy of these sites and open ourselves to the possibility of transformation on the deepest level.

      We will be still and listen.
      We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

      With an open heart and humble intent, we will make this pilgrimage and witness the unfolding of some of the most profound and unforgettable experiences of our lives.

      where we’ll be staying

      LED by

      lara maysa ingram

      Lara is an Egyptian teacher of the mysteries, ritualist and storyteller, who has devoted her life to guiding individuals on transformative journeys of self-discovery and consciousness raising through pilgrimages and the wisdom teachings of Ancient Egypt. Lara has been fortunate to blend her Egyptian heritage with her current home in Bali, using it as a laboratory to master the art of ceremony. Through her rich exposure and connection to these cultures steeped in ancient wisdom and ritual practices, she has come to believe that the world is a ceremony and our lives are the offering.


      Through her studies under the mentorship of esteemed teachers and healers in the fields of Shamanism, Kathara, Egyptian Alchemy and the art of Ritual, she has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of creating ceremonial space and building a relationship with the unseen to guide ritual and ceremony. She is simultaneously a forever student and teacher of the Ancient Egyptian mysteries and is devoted to sharing this knowledge and restoring these ancient codes.


      What are the dates?

      9th – 23rd September 2024, Fall Equinox

      How much is the total investment?

      $11,000 USD all inclusive for Couples/Shared Room Occupancy (per person)

      $15,000 USD all inclusive for Single Room occupancy

      $13,500 USD all inclusive Pay in Full for Single Room occupancy

      What does the ticket include?
      •  All 5* accommodation as well as 4 nights on a private River Nile cruise.

      • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

      • Domestic travel and flights.

      • Entry to all temples and sites we will visit: Temple of Dandara, Karnak Temple, Chapel of Sekhmet, Valley of The Kings, Edfu Temple of Horus, Elephantine Island, Acacia Ancient Tree of Osiris, Kom Ombo, Temple of Isis, Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx, The Pyramids of Saqqara (The oldest in the world) and Abu Ghurab Temple of the Sun.

      • Private access to The Temple of Isis, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Karnak Temple, The Osiron Shaft and The Sphinx, allowing us time and space to be in ceremony, prayer and meditation.

      • Private access to Abu Ghurab Temple of the Sun, an ancient stargate site that is not open to the public.

      • Healings, meditations, ceremonies and rituals will be woven throughout the retreat, held by myself as well as a careful selection of powerful facilitators and healers. Plus some extra surprises.
      Does the ticket include international flights into Cairo?


      Do I have to pay a deposit?

      For Single Room occupancy we require a non-refundable 25% deposit of $3,750 USD to book your space.

      For Shared Room occupancy we require a non-refundable 25% deposit of $2,750 USD to book your space.

      We are looking forward to a committed group for this Initiation.

      When should I book my flight?

      We recommend booking a flight in and out of Cairo International Airport as soon as possible.

      Do I need a Visa to enter Egypt?

      All participants are required to have a passport that is valid for 6 months beyond the return date, to be carried at all times. A Visa is required for entry into Egypt. You can bring $25 USD in cash and pick it up upon your arrival at the airport in Cairo. Double check with your embassy beforehand to be sure.

      Is the Deposit refundable?

      No, due to the nature of the trip and bookings required, deposits are non refundable. We are looking forward to journeying with a committed group.