Discover ancient wisdom and ritual practices for personal transformation and a deeper connection with the spiritual world.

Taught from Shamanic Amazonian & Ancient Egyptian Modalities.

This will be a full activation for those feeling called to Egypt and other sacred sites around the world.

In a world cluttered with superficial solutions, the true art of magic and ritual remains undiscovered, leaving many longing for a deeper connection to the mystical forces that control our universe.




The Art & Technology of Magic & Ritual

A masterclass that transcends the ordinary, inviting you into a world where the sacred becomes tangible. 

This isn’t just a workshop; it’s a profound initiation into the ancient practices that have empowered seekers and sages for decades. 

In just two hours, you’ll journey beyond the surface of conventional rituals to master the true essence of creating sacred spaces, understanding how to use an altar as a Technology, invoking divine energies, and weaving magic into every aspect of your life.


    • A life where you confidently navigate the realms of magic and ritual, tapping into ancient wisdom that allows you to manifest your deepest desires and transform your reality at will.


    • Crafting an altar that’s not just decorative but a potent catalyst for change, a sacred space where every element is charged with intention, connecting you directly to the divine.


    • Cultivating profound relationships with gods, goddesses, and deities, feeling their guidance and support in every aspect of your life, enhancing your spiritual journey with their ancient wisdom.


    • Moving through the unseen realms with confidence, equipped with the knowledge and practices to shield yourself from negativity, ensuring your spiritual path remains clear and your energy pure.


    The Foundations of Creating Ritual: Delve into the core principles that underpin every powerful ritual. 

    Altar Technology: How to Set It Up & Work with It: Explore the concept of the altar not just as a sacred space but as a technological tool in your spiritual practice. 

    The Importance of Water: Carrier of Consciousness: Discover water’s pivotal role in rituals as a purifier and conduit for consciousness. 

    How to Work with Gods, Goddesses & Deities: Gain insight into the art of forming relationships with the divine beings that guide and protect us. 

    How to Protect Yourself When Working in the Unseen Realms: Navigating the spiritual world requires safeguarding your energy. 

    Tools + Practices You Can Take Home: Arm yourself with a collection of rituals, prayers, and practices that you can integrate into your daily life.

    Hi! I’m LARA

    As a daughter of the sands of Egypt and a spirit nurtured by the lush landscapes of Bali, my life is a tapestry woven with the threads of ancient wisdom, shamanic practices, and the mystical arts. 

    My journey has been one of deep exploration, learning directly from the heartbeats of these ancient lands, and the whispers of their ancestors.

    Guided by the legacy of my Egyptian heritage and the profound spiritual teachings of my teachers and mentors, I’ve dedicated my life to mastering the sacred art of ceremony. 

    Through my travels, studies, and countless hours spent in meditation and ritual within the sacred chambers of the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and the healing temples of Isis and Sekhmet, I have had the privilege and permission to tap into and work with energies of some of the most potent sacred sites on the planet. 

    These experiences have not just been for my own transformation but have fueled my passion for guiding others on their path to spiritual awakening and self-discovery. 

    I believe that each of us carries a divine spark, a unique magic that, when fully embraced, can illuminate our lives and the world around us.

    Journey with me in The Art & Technology of Magic & Ritual, beyond the veil, to a place where the sacred dances in harmony with the mundane, where rituals are not just acts of faith but powerful tools for manifesting your deepest desires and highest self.


    Discover ancient wisdom and ritual practices for personal transformation and a deeper connection with the spiritual world.